i really cannot say enough good things about morrigan



P!nk talking about Stupid Girls [2/2]

Don’t play dumb, even if they want you to.

Props to her for pointing out problematic behavior without putting down the women in general.


playing as a qunari rogue will be amazing

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the only thing i want in inquisition is the ability to kick the humans out of the dales and establish an elven nation there

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My favorite thing about feminism is that you literally only have to say the word and BOOM done, men will literally prove your point FOR you

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Reblog if you are a BIRD NERD or if your friend is a BIRD NERD

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Quoth the raven,

brushie brushie.

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*dreamy sigh*


that it’s implied anders falls in love with hawke regardless of whether or not he’s romanced fucking destroys me tbh

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Anders and "Tevinter can't possibly be so bad"


Thing is, he can’t accept that Tevinter is as bad as Fenris says, without seeing it first-hand. It’s his last kernel of hope that magic is accepted somewhere.

It’s his sugarcandy mountain in the sky.

It is the one place in the world where having magic is not a life sentence.